What Does Ram Do For Gaming

As a hardcore player, there is no doubt that you need a fantastic gaming computer to make the gaming best experience as realistic as possible. But, it can be unclear what you need to do to make your game run smoothly. It is common for gamers to override their systems when they do not need them. For example, if you run a powerful GPU with a CPU for a week, you often create a barrier that prevents your hardware from running at full capacity. If you are planning to build your workspace, RAM speed can be a bit confusing.

What Is The Main Purpose Of RAM For Gaming?

Generally, RAM is the area where the required variables and content are stored, so many RAM applications in areas such as multitasking also apply to gaming. Suppose, once you launch a game on your gaming computer, RAM becomes an active participant because it is loaded. Direct RAM is used instead of a hard disk because it is faster and is meant to store temporary items. Larger and speedier RAM is preferred because it enhances the gaming experience and leads to faster loading time. Especially, not only will you be able to store temporary information, but you will also be able to read and write information faster.

How Does RAM Play Into Gaming?

As mentioned above, RAM is important because your system can access data faster than it can retrieve information from its main storage disk. The entire game data is storing on your hard drive or state drive, but it is often inefficient to drag it from there. This way, it takes the game information needed for RAM to access your computer quickly. With a small amount of RAM, your computer may not store all the game information it needs to function properly, leading to frame rates and poor performance. Excessive lack of RAM can prevent the game from running at all.

It is important to note that dedicated video cards have their RAM, called vRAM. Also, it is different from system RAM in that it focuses entirely on sending graphics to your display. Thus, if you want to play at higher resolutions like 4K, you need a large VRAM. You may have 32GB of system RAM, but having 2GB of video RAM on your card will still suffer greatly.

Understanding RAM Specs for Gaming

DDR Designations

Each stick in RAM has two points – the version number and the DDR. DDR transfers data twice as fast as a normal RAM chip. This technology is advancing, and there are different generations, such as DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5. Generally, DDR2 is not using in this generation; only DDR3 and DDR4 are common. As we know, DDR4 is the current standard, and DDR5 is not commercially available. These technologies belong to different generations and are not compatible with each other. So, it means that if you have a motherboard with DDR3 slots, you can not insert it into the DDR4 board. If you intend to upgrade your system, it is a good idea to stick with DDR4.

Clock Speed

Clock speed is a measure of time per second, but RAM can access its memory. It measures in megahertz. A common misconception is that having a faster clock speed can significantly improve your computer’s performance, but it can, but you will not find a significant difference. Here, it is essential to note that the clock speed of RAM and DDR are correlated. Primarily, it means that if you stick with standard RAM (DDR4), you will get optimal speed. Mixing RAM sticks with different clock cycles ultimately reduces performance.

Number of Sticks

RAM is connected to the computer’s main dashboard and integrates with other components to transfer data quickly. As to speed up the process, most motherboards come with dual-channel memory slots. This configuration allows you to attach up to two RAM rods at once. Suppose you want to install 8GB RAM in your operating system; you already have a dual channel. To benefit from dual-channel memory, install two 4GB RAM sticks at the same clock speed and a single 8GB RAM DDR. Some motherboards have quad-channel memory, so installing 8GB RAM and installing four 2GB RAM sticks is advisable. Also, it utilizes the channel memory and makes it easier to replace the RAM stick if it gets bad.


With all of this, keep in mind that RAM is a relatively small part of a gaming computer. Thus, as long as you have enough RAM and it is not that old, that feature is of great concern. Then you can work on finding the sleek RAM that blends in with the rest of the building.

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