The Top Nail Art Trends That You Can Apply

We’ve been keeping track of the rise of nail art for a few years now, and the design trends have changed. Even though there isn’t a single colour or design that’s officially “in” or “out” because your taste in art is personal and subjective, there are a few fun looks that artists, creatives, and industry pros say will be trendy this year.

Nail Art Trends

Get fancy fingers with these modern nail trends. It has everything from delicate ombre and modern French handicrafts to bold, artistic designs and shiny metallic accents. Plus, most of them are easy to create at home. So, now let’s see what the best nail art trends are

Branded Nail Art Design

Tribute to your favorite luxury brands with handcrafted logos of your chosen companies. Please keep it simple and elegant by sticking to a simple paintbrush. Tips from the French manual Decorating with brand decals are an excellent example of drawing without looking up. Therefore, short designers’ names and small logos such as Chanel’s CC ‘or Louis Vuitton initials work best in limited space.

Modern Color Palette Nail Art

If you want to get involved in nail art but are not so good with the nail polish brush, this modern color range is perfect for you. All it takes is several coats of paint on different nails. Also, it’s fascinating but straightforward. Three colors are a great starting point. Besides, choosing colors on the same side of the color wheel will prevent your look from colliding. Get inspired by websites like Awesome Color on Instagram. Again, you can cool colors and create a color scheme that matches the polished colors you already have.

Faces Nail Art Design

Bring some modern art to nail design with these faces. The focus on the detailed and linear work on this nail art is simply fantastic. A good artisan will have the skills and a steady hand to create this look for you. Alternatively, if you do not have a psychiatrist or want to create this look at home, decals and nail polishes are a brilliant option. It is bold and unique and stands out with its black and nude color combination.

Eyes Nail Art

This look stands out in both design and impact. It is a unique style that combines black and white for the final change. Painting the eyes at the nails’ base takes advantage of your cut’s natural curve and frames each eye neatly. If black and white are not your favorite combination, you can change the surrounding colors or paint the eyes with more realistic colors. However, the more the color combination is different, the more noticeable it is.

Colorful Nail Art

This nail art will take you back to your high school art class life. Paint openings are reminiscent of an artist’s tune and are a unique way to add a rainbow of colors to your nail design. Combining colors with a nude base coat creates a balance and prevents the paint from looking like a leak. You can select any number of colors to use and apply them to the nails’ edges using a fine nail polish brush. Wrinkled edge paint is essential for creating a palette look. This nail art is easy and fun, and it’s excellent when approached with a touch of gold.

Line Art Nail Design

Continuous line art requires additional skills to understand and interpret the outlines of an object. Adding linear art to your nail design gives it a striking effect. You or your nail stylist will need a fine brush and a firm hand to recreate this look. Then adding a color splash that is different from black stands out. Alternatively, decals and nail polishes are the perfect options if your painting skills are more preschool than Picasso.

Minimal Art Nail Design

The condition of this beautiful but minimalist nail art. The pearl and gold seashell embellishments stand out by using a clear coat for the base. Also, it is young, beautiful, and elegant. Plus, it’s a very simple design to achieve yourself. All you need is nail polish and clear nail polish. You can also use any nails, nails, or jewelry to create a similar look.

Cute Nail Art Design

However, instead of keeping it effortless, choose a cute design using different shapes and shades with black highlights. With this nail art, you can let your creative juices flow. These cute designs are best suited for short or more rounded nail shapes such as round, almond, or oval nails. Plus, the matte finish is a nice variation of the average high gloss polish and tends well with pastel colors.

White and Nude Nail Art Design

Turn in the classic French manual with this white and nude nail art. This design uses concentric arcs of various thicknesses and looks great on oval, round and almond-shaped nails. Changing the feature color of each nail between nude and white makes you extra interested. Make sure your arc has the same shape using stencils. Otherwise, the effect of unequal linear work may be lost.

Floral Nail Art Design

This floral nail art is very elegant and looks great for girls or weekend getaways. Choose any flower in any color to give this a personal look. However, a neutral tone is very wearable and varied. If you have a stable hand or a good nail artist, you can give any paint flowers. In the meantime, stickers and stencils are a great replacement if you are not sure to give this design away for free.

Playful Nail Art Design

Playful designs like these are perfect if you are looking for something light and fun. Color mixing is a good way to experiment with tone and shade. In the meantime, you can master your painting skills while creating something meaningful by adding cute designs like eyebrow eyelashes.

Silver Tips Nail Art Design

Silver-tipped natural nails are an easy-to-wear adaptation of chrome nail polish. Although you can use silver nail polish to achieve this look, it tends to chip easily. Choosing silver nail polish as an antidote is a more durable and easy way to apply. Specially, all you have to do is apply the paint on a clear base coat, then add the strips and cut off the excess. Then, finish with a clear topcoat for high gloss and extra protection.

Gold Feature Nails Art

However, if you wish the look but want to calm it down, why not choose gold studded nails? That way, you will get the best of both worlds. The nude polish on the bottom makes the gold design stand out. The easiest method to achieve this view is to go for a chrome decal. Doing so gives you more flexibility with designs and patterns. Choosing a design rather than painting a few nails altogether chrome will make your nail art look deliberate.

Red and White Nail Art

Red and white color is a classic combination that had to appear in this collection of nail art. Like any quality color combination, this will give a good look in any design – stripes, dots, waves, or chevron. The white wave and red tip are especially significant. You can customize this freely or use stencils if perfection is your goal. Choose a bright red for a fun color pop, or pick a white red to get a darker hue.

Pastel Nail Art Designs

This nail art design includes both multi-colored chevron and semi-glued nails. Placing a chevron on one finger on each hand ensures that the look is balanced and not overly complicated. Plus, the use of different finger and chevron sizes adds extra dimension and interest. Using all four of the same colors on each other’s chevron, they all fit together nicely.

Gold and Natural Nail Art

Gold and natural nail designs are a wonderful way to apply nail polish. If you have a stable hand or a skilled craftsman, you can paint gold designs on a neutral base. Alternatively, decals are a very simple and easy option for creating elegant patterns. This type of nail art can become surprisingly diverse and bespoke. These art switching options include whether you choose pink, orange, or light brown base coat or a bright, soft or pink gold accent.

Cubism Nail Art Design

Connect your inner Picasso with cubic nail art. Cubism was a revolutionary art style that used square and geometric shapes to show all the subject angles at once. Fixing complete work on your nails can be a challenge, and get inspired by cubism using lines, circles, and dots to create your artistic sensibility. A nude background and a limited but bold tone in black, red, and silver make the design’s biggest impact. Like most nail designs, if you are not confident about painting, choose nail clippers or stickers.

Tie-dye Inspired Nail Art

The beauty of this view is that you can work it with any color. Plus, it’s easy to do at home. Apply a base coat on the white foot, work quickly, and apply the color of your choice to white while it is still wet. Then place a sandwich bag over the nail and tap on it to combine colors. You can add extra details by running a toothpaste through the polish. Remember that you need to work quickly before the polish dries and becomes sticky. Once it dries, apply a clear topcoat to give your gorgeous tie-dye look a last look.

Love Heart Nail Art

Choose a sweet, romantic look with this romantic heart nail art. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, day or night, or when you feel the spirit of Cupid. Pink and red colors are a classic color combination, and choosing a pale pink base creates a red heart. Once you have applied the base color, place two red nail polish dots next to each other. Then, using a fine nail brush, attach them to the heart shape, working quickly while the paint is still wet. Finish with clear varnish, and you are ready to feel loved.

Ombre Nail Art Design

Ombre nail art allows rainbow nails to take differently. Plus, dealing with the right tools is so simple. All you need is nail polish, disposable makeup sponge, and your favorite nail polish color. Firstly, apply the tape to your fingers to prevent them from sticking to your skin. Next, apply nude nail polish and allow it to dry. After this:

  1. Paint the color on the sponge and press it on the nails.
  2. Finish by arranging the edges and adding a topcoat.
  3. Keep the view subtle and very simple by using a single color on a nude base.


There are endless nail designs, and you are limited only by your imagination. Try brands, tie-dyes, hearts, lines, abstract, eyes, minimal, cute, pastel, bold, floral, contrasting, or metallic designs. Among the basics are nail straps, brushes of various sizes and shapes, dot pens, nail glue, jewelry, and stickers. Use your tools to create any design you like. 

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