The Best Five Hair Growth Oils

It may seem silly to follow a healthy lifestyle, but it simply promotes better eating and consumption of organic and locally produced products. The same tendency to turn green applies to beauty products as well. Such beauty products, which are rapidly gaining popularity, are also found in DIY home remedies and items. Since there are so many beauty-related products on the market, we often wonder what to buy and use. Good hair growth oil should stimulate hair growth, dry scalp, and headaches, fight damage, add shine and nourish hair. A great place to start is first understanding the type and quality of hair you have and what you need to treat.

Coconut Oil

One of the most prominent hair oils for growth is versatile and great for nourishing the skin. The massive content of fatty acids in the oil does not evaporate and penetrates deep into the hair. It also contains carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals essential for good hair health—a pure oil source with no additives or additives. You can try mixing various herbs like simple curry leaves, Brahmi, or amla. In addition to that hair growth, your hair will be healthy and soft.

Especially, coconut oil is a rich source of vitamin E and antioxidants and can use as a conditioner. In addition to several benefits, it protects the hair from heat damage and repairs fibers. The healthier your scalp is, the better your hair will look. Also, it works on all hair types and is very useful for dry, damaged, or dark hair. Those who want to soften their hair should use this oil regularly for the best results. It is also recommended for people with slow hair growth.

As mentioned earlier, use organic products wherever possible without additives. Gently heat the oil before applying it to your scalp and hair. In winter, the towel often solidifies, so you may want to warm it up before applying. If you add curry leaves, allow them to crack in the hot oil before turning off the heat. Please wait until it is warm before applying. People with dry scalps should apply oil to the hair and scalp.

Almond Oil

Almond Oil has the widespread highest content of natural vitamin E and is rich in magnesium and fatty acids, proteins, and antioxidants, which reduce hair breakage and help it grow. It is not only for application on your hair and skin but also for consumption for those with dry skin and hair. It not only moisturizes but also seals moisture and protects against hair loss and breakage.

One of the great oils for fast hair growth. Those with dry, damaged, and dark hair and those who do not have omega-3 fatty acids in their body. If you have massive problems with hair loss, this oil is for you. You can use this oil directly from the bottle and apply it directly to the hair and scalp. Alternatively, you can warm it up before use. Leave it on overnight and wash it off with a nourishing shampoo the following day. Some days you can apply a few drops to your hair after you have washed your conditioner and dried your hair. Leave it on then it will seal the moisture and brighten the hair.

Lavender Oil

Extracted from lavender flowers, it is a multi-purpose essential oil. Research shows that it helps in hair growth and hair growth. It helps to increase the number of hairs and is known for its anti-microbial and antiseptic properties. When massaged with a carrier oil, it improves scalp circulation and reduces hair loss. Most importantly, it enhances hair growth from the scalp.

Especially, it moisturizes the scalp and balances the sebum production in the scalp. Not only hair growth but also Lavender oil is also known to relieve stress. All hair types, especially those with oily hair on the front and back and those with the dry scalp in other areas. It is best with carrier oils such as coconut or olive oil as it is an essential oil. As well, Lavender Oil is best not to use directly on the hair or scalp. Mix about ten drops of lavender oil with two tablespoons of carrier oil and massage into the scalp. And keep it overnight.

Grapeseed Oil

The essential oils are very fast growing in terms of hair care. As the name implies, it extracts from grape seeds. Grapeseed oil contains emollients, antioxidants, and nutrients that are essential for healthy hair growth. This oil is non-greasy and odorless, making it easy to use. Also, it moisturizes the scalp, contributes to hair growth, and strengthens the hair structure. It also helps in the fight against hair loss and is great for those who suffer from dry and unstable hair and those looking to regrow lost hair. It is also great for people with hair and scalp. You can apply it directly to the hair and scalp and leave it overnight. Also, you can use it for deep conditioner treatments. Coat your hair with oil and cover with a warm towel for 20 minutes before washing. 

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are great for hair. It also has healing properties, including pain and stress relief. Significantly, it strengthens the hair follicle and reduces hair loss. This essential oil has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and is effective in improving dry scalp and reducing headaches. It prevents hair loss and gives hair a healthy shine. Suitable for all hair types but very useful for dry scalp and stress sufferers. Add ten drops of lime oil to two tablespoons of carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil and massage on the hair and scalp. Leave overnight. You can add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner bottle. Be sure not to send essential oils directly to your scalp or skin without a carrier.


What Should You Look At When Buying Hair Oil?

It is better to know what is in it, so read the material. Stick to chemically treated products and natural ingredients as much as possible. Examine what oil is best for your hair type and select accordingly. Suppose you want to combine two or more oils; it is better to do it yourself than to choose a product bought from a store. If what you buy does not work for you, change it immediately. It is best to do it in small quantities while you are still trying.

What Are The Precautions Which Should I Take When Using Essential Oils?

Keep in mind not to apply essential oils directly on the hair or scalp as the essential oils are strong. They cause a burning sensation in some skin types. Always use them with carrier oils such as olive oil or coconut oil or in your shampoo or conditioner. If you are using fresh essential oil for the first time, be sure to check a drop of oil on the skin of the inner elbow to see if you are experiencing any reaction. Finally, limit the use of essential oils.


Do you recall how your mother or grandma used to sit you down and give you a soothing head massage using hot oils in the olden days? Oils are regarded as one of the major hair secrets worthy, where this practice has been practised for many years. Many oils that encourage hair growth have entered the market throughout time. You’re a little perplexed now, however, aren’t you? For this reason, we have chosen to describe how hair oils specifically function to promote hair development in you and which oil is ideal for hair growth and thickness.

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