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Do Blink Cameras Record All the Time?

Blink camera is a type of home security camera system designed by the brand Blink. It is owned by Amazon. They are wireless and easy to install. These cameras are affordable and easy to set up too. These global cameras are operated via a battery, and they offer some special features like two-way audio and motion detection. Therefore, they have become popular among security camera systems. As these cameras are user-friendly, homeowners are unable to use them for the purpose of security. 

Are Blink Cameras Always Recording?   

A camera system is very useful for the security of a house, a school or any other location. Blink cameras have now become a popular kind of camera, especially for home security systems. There is a major question that always comes up from the customers, which is “Are Blink cameras always recording?”. Simply, the answer is no. They do not always record. This is because of plenty of reasons. This camera is designed to save battery life and storage of it. They are also designed to record when they detect a motion. So, when we set the camera into motion detection mode, it will automatically start to record the detection of a motion. The time duration for the recording can be set manually for the users in the Blink app made for these cameras. As a special feature of Blink cameras, users will be able to capture and monitor their homes more closely and lively.  

Why Don’t Blink Cameras Record All the Time?  

Above has mentioned that Blink cameras record only when a motion is detected. Usually, outdoor cameras that are bigger and more expensive allow constant recording. But when it comes to Blink cameras, they are used for security purposes to capture motions very clearly. So, here are some reasons why don’t these cameras record all the time. 

  • Battery life: Blink cameras are wireless. So, the batteries will die with high usage. Therefore, they are unable to save the battery while recording all the time. If not, the camera batteries have to be recharged most of the time. Sometimes, batteries will have to be replaced too. So, Blink cameras do not record all the time, considering the battery life. 
  • Storage: Blink cameras store their recordings in the cloud. It is able to receive 120 minutes of stored footage if you have subscriptions with Blink. What that mean is only the latest 120 minutes of the Blink camera’s recording will be saved in the cloud. If the footages are longer than 120 minutes, the oldest footage will be deleted after overwriting. There, the low storage too has been a reason for Blink cameras not recording all the time. 
  • Network Resources: If a camera should record all the time, it should definitely use a more bandwidth connection. As this is not that easy, Blink cameras have been designed to record only while the motions are detected. 

In addition, if a camera records all the time, a lot of irrelevant footage will be recorded when nothing happens. So, if any important footage is to be found, it will take time to search the relevant scene. Sometimes, users will have to sit for hours looking at the footage, which is really useless.

Types of Recording Modes   

Blink cameras have different modes of recording. Each of them has different characteristic features and limitations. Here are them with a description. 

  • Live View: Here, users are allowed to view the real-time feed from the camera. But in this view, it does not record anything. It uses more battery in the live mode. 
  • Motion Detection: Here, the camera starts recording only when it detects a motion. So, it saves the battery and storage of the camera. But if any motion is not detected here, some scenes will be missed. 
  • Scheduled Recording: Here, we are able to set the time when to record from the camera. So, it is able to control the camera. But, it is possible to miss some wanted scenes out of that time period.
  • Continuous recording: this mode allows recording continuously. But, this is available only for selected Blink cameras. So, it needs more battery and storage while using this mode. 

Blink Offers Live Feed and Motion Sensor Recording 

Blink is a kind of camera that is especially being marketed as a motion capture camera. It also can be viewed as a live feed too. So this makes Blink a multipurpose camera than other motion cameras that are being used. Blink app enables you to view the camera feed o it. 

Moreover, some Alexa devices enable this option. But, this does not allow us to continuously record any footage. A Wi-Fi connection is required to use a Blink camera. The connection should be at least 2 MB per second as the upload speed to do the functions properly and effectively. In addition, some products of Blink offer two-way audio support to the users. Although Blink cameras do not record continuously, they allow users to view the live feed whenever they need to. It is a very special characteristic feature of Blink. 

So, it can be assumed that the combination of the motion sensor recording of Blink with the live feed makes the cameras more powerful and effective for the users. Therefore, your home can be secure by monitoring properly using a Blink camera. So, feel free to use them.

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