Best Gaming Mouse Pads 2021.

Do not underestimate the best gaming mouse pads. So, this review can help take your gaming to the next level. What once was a primary surface for sliding around a mouse has evolved into something more. Some of the best ones even include gaming-centric elements. They are a perfect addition to any serious gaming system. It means that they are still not doing what they originally intended. Significantly, they do, but they add aesthetic as well as practical features. It includes everything from colorful RGB lighting to adding a little more style to your rigid. And wireless charging capabilities that can use in conjunction with the wireless mouse. 

Further, using unique, special surface aces for greater accuracy. So, these are more than just simple pads. So now, let’s see what the best gaming mousepads are.

Corsair MM600

Bright color lights like the Corsair MM600 MM800 are not interested in distracting you. Instead, it offers tremendous potential over its high-priced brother. These dual-sided mousepads secure with rubber stops at each corner to keep your mouse moving. But not your mouse pad. The MM600 is also making of aluminum. And has lower resolution surface features. Its increases your response time in the game.

SteelSeries QcK

SteelSeries QcK is just a budget mouse pad and does what you want with a mouse pad. QcK’s surface material has a high number of threads. And a smooth glide for precise mouse control. At the same time, its rubber base support prevents slipping around your desk while you play. Thus, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and comes with a high-end version. Especially with RGB lighting – SteelSeries QcK Prism.

Cooler Master MP510

Theoretically, there are a large number of mouse pads that we love. But they do not fit into our desk and very large or completely small. However, the Cooler Master MP510 comes in 4 different sizes. And can hold even the most enormous table, from a small table to a giant mouse pad that fits any table. Mainly, it is making of durable corduroy fabric and does not absorb liquids, stains. So, you don’t have to worry when you drink your drink. Except for all your other terminals, we guess.

Razer Sphex v2

Of course, everyone loves RGB lighting. But what if you are looking for a smooth, unobstructed table surface? Well, the Ultra-Thin – less than half a millimeter high – Razor Specs v2 is the mouse pad for you. Despite its thin profile, polycarbonate surfaces are durable. And you are also optimized for laser or optical gaming mouse control. If you have a smaller table, there is also a smaller size variant.

Novelkeys Deskpad

They are famous for their custom team purchases. It covers everything a computer switch needs, from a key control to a mouse pad. Also, Novelkeys specializes in huge table size pads in a limited range of editing styles. You will always want to check out its website to see the latest tastes. As it usually only runs for a limited time when a team buys. The camping mouse pad with the broad ridge now supports Jacob’s computer layout. With a small tent and a campus fire deck on the lower left. That specific plan is no longer available, but there are many more you can get every year. 

Most mouse pads measure 900 x 400 x 4mm with a rubber bottom. And fabric top and an outer edge as well. If you are looking to choose a Novelkeys, be sure to plan. You will have to wait until the mass purchase is complete before the production of the mouse pad of your choice begins. After which it may take several more months to receive it. Due to the nature of group purchases, delays along the way can also occur. But the mousepads are well made, and these are beautiful to look at it. So you can assure that they are worth the wait.

Roccat Taito Control

The Rocket Tito controller is an excellent example of how a gaming device can be a perfect addition to a gaming rib. There is no RGB lighting or wireless charging as well. Instead, you have a durable mouse pad. It is sewing around its borders to prevent it from wrinkling, with a rubberized back so that it stays where you need it and has a fabric surface to control your mouse. Not to mention that it comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Logitech G440

Nothing about a solid, surface-to-surface mouse pad in terms of clean speed. And low tactical resistance as well. PC players who require subtle but fast mouse movements prefer these smooth, low-definition surfaces. Also, it allows their mouse to move quickly. Generally, it ultimately comes down to personal preferences. Its do not like their fabric counterparts that use all similar fabrics. But the hard mousepads are made from a variety of components and alloys. As well, its including aluminum, plastic, and rubber. They vary dramatically in definition, weight, and design. So there’s a hard mouse pad that’s perfect for you. 

Thus, it is the top choice considering the simplicity. And the highly smooth surface speed of the Logitech G440. At first glance, the surface of the G440 seems perfectly smooth. But it’s a polyethylene surface. And it’s micro-textured, giving it excellent resistance as well. The mouse pad provides the correct amount of feedback without the excessive noise generated by rapid mouse movements. It seems that Logitech has found the perfect middle ground between abrasive and smooth.

Corsair MM1000 Qi

Many people think that the best gaming mousepads are just glorious tablecloths that move your mouse upwards. Well, that’s what the Corsair MM1000 is all about. Not only is this one of the best gaming mouse pads, but it also includes a Qi charge. The MM1000 Qi is not only Corsair’s answer to Logitech Power Play. It takes the mouse pad to the next level.

Razer Goliathus Chroma

Let’s say you have RGB bed sheets, a keyboard, a mouse, and maybe a headset. You can not remove your mouse pad from the RGB party. So it would help if you were on the lookout for the Razer Goliathus Chroma. This bright mouse pad takes the unique R RGB activation of the Razor. Further, it throws it into a soft gaming mouse pad—it allows you to score those headshots.

Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

Regardless of RGB, in 2021, you can not go out looking for the best mouse mat for gaming. All the hottest gaming devices now boast of how to light up your desk like a Christmas tree. And the Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris is no different. Based on Corsair’s consistently excellent RGB activation. The MM800 uses a low-definition finish. As allowing it to be tracked quickly and accurately across its surface. If lighting is not sufficient, use the particular CUE2 interface of the MM800 Corsair. To sync its light with your other terminals and even your computer via the RGB partition. It is even available in two materials: fabric and micro-textured surfaces.

Asus ROG Scabbard

The Asus ROG Scarboard is more significant than a gaming mouse pad and a ‘desk pad.’ It can hold up with your laptop or keyboard and mouse, and other devices around you. For maximum mouse control, it has a non-slip ROG red rubber base. And a low-definition sheath woven surface.

MSI Thunderstorm

Are other mouse pads too soft for your gaming setup? Well, then, you’re in luck – the MSI Thunderstorm gaming mouse pad is all metallic. Strictly speaking, this gaming mouse is making of an anodized. And hair-raising aluminum material with rubber stops as well. The texture is optimizing for surface mouse control and speed. It is allowing the L-shape to locate close to the keyboard. If the metal surface is more accurate than you, you can turn it over for a micro-textured body and fabric comfort.

Roccat Sense AIMO

It comes in two sizes, but it can realize that the smaller one is its flexible fabric when tested. The big difference is that it has a frame that runs through the included micro-USB via the USB-A cable. It also runs around the outside and is illuminated by a rainbow of colors. This bright RGB light has two programmable zones, which you can connect via Rocket’s ranch software. Or you can put it into the usual cycling behavior across colors. If you download the Sense AIMO module and put it in an intelligent lighting setting, it will react to some of the devices and applications you use. Besides, if there are other effects, you can sync them with the mouse and keyboard. Beyond the lighting, this is a fabric mouse pad that has a very pronounced texture. 

Also can find that it is more accessible to rest my hand than other rough mouse pads. Especially, accuracy and speed are sufficient even if the trend is towards accuracy. As well, there is also a rubber-free slip to prevent slipping. The module with the cable plugged in is also quite large. It also has a bright control button that can configure through the software. Mainly, this module is a potential snag point if you are using a wired mouse.

Razer Firefly and Mamba Hyperflux

If you’re like us, you were giving up the idea of ​​the wireless mouse for serious gaming a long time ago. It came with a handful of issues such as short delay, replacing batteries in mid-combat, or asking you to install a cable to charge when you least need it. Whatever the case, wireless freedom is not worth the hassle. The Hyperflux system also eliminates the want for a battery in the mouse. As allowing the Razor to vibrate the Mamba Hyperflux up to 96g. Incredibly, this makes it a lightweight wireless gaming mouse by a significant margin. 

Combine that with the freedom you didn’t get. The mouse feels like an extension of your hand. Thus, the only downside is that you can’t use the wireless mode without the mouse pad. However, you can take the micro-USB cable from the pad. As well, plug in the mamba and use it on the go. For those with a wireless charging phone, the Corsair MM1000 can also consider. Also, it uses the Qi standard for wireless charging. Therefore, you can place your phone in the corner to keep it charged while you play.

Besides, if you have enough budget for it, Razr Hyperflux is our top choice for its functionality and smooth RGB lighting. By pairing it with our best wireless gaming mouse option, you’ll laugh.

Roccat Taito Control

The most affordable and common type of mouse pad is the classic fabric. Also, it is making of rubber composites with synthetic materials. Also, it is weaving together to create a foamy structure with a soft top—Fabric mouse pad players design to provide a smooth, stable. And again, a durable surface requires pin-point accuracy with greater precision. 

Most FPS professionals prefer large fabric surfaces as they perform large swipes with a large DPI mouse. Some terminal manufacturers parade their logos across mousepads. So we appreciate the subtle approach of typo control. The stitched blue edges prevent deception and provide a beautiful accent color. As making the mouse stand out from the mouse above. Unlike other manufacturers who design different sizes for their fabric mousepads.

So they have opted for a mid-range approach with the Rocket Tito controller. Thus, this makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of players. Taito controller is more flexible and heavier than most of its competitors. As well, it is one of the top choices for comfort and durability.

Razer Gigantus V2

The Gigantes V2 comes in several sizes ranging from 14 inches to 47 inches in size. It’s large enough to cover most table surfaces. Primarily, it’s great for players who play with big tips. You can customize your mouse with your favorite sports team. Or the logo of a competitive shooter. This soft surface-type mouse pad works very well. If you usually use hard surface coatings, it will take some time to get used to it. Thus, a lack of side seams will affect the durability of the road. But in terms of performance, the Gigantes V2 is still impressive. Primarily, it’s weird that Razor doesn’t mention it in any of their marketing materials.

How We Test Mouse Pads

Assigning a value to a piece of fabric is not easy, but someone has to do it. When we get a new mouse pad to test, we do the best we can. So play lots and lots of PC games. Once we get a sense of how something feels under a mouse pad, we play a few more games to handle things. That is saying, messing up mouse pads is almost impossible. And even an old book makes a substitute. So there are rarely pads that can have a bad word or a ritual burn. However, massive price tags and unnecessary activism are sending to the evil corner from time to time.

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